Swedish Full Body

This classis massage uses a variety of techniques to increase circulation assisting in the draining of the lymphatic system. It is a relatively gently massage and eases day to day muscular tension while creating a more relaxed state of being.


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is for chronic aches, stiffness and tension in the muscles. Lit offers deep pressure to reach the deeper layer of the muscle and fascia. Deep tissue massage releases the muscle fibres and moving any toxins from the muscles. It is both a corrective and therapeutic massage.


Holistic Wellness Massage

A deeply releasing and therapeutic massage to encapsulate the whole body. Using the perfect blend of pure oils specific only to you for the ultimate blissful experience. Slow rhythmic movements designed to release tension while balancing your mind and body. Pure indulgence.


Indian Head Massage

A beautifully relaxing treatment that begins with the upper back and shoulders moving on to the neck, scalp and front of the head. This massage uses techniques to focus on gentle the release of knots and tension that is held in the neck, head and jaws.




A beneficial treatment for many ailments. Cupping aids in the removal of any stagnation that is held within the body. With roots in Chinese medicine, it promotes the flow of qi and blood to help resolve muscle tightness and pain. As opposed to traditional massage which uses compression techniques, cupping uses a suction which applies negative pressure on the skin and glides over the muscles to promote healing and allow the body to recover effectively.



Acupressure Balancing Massage

After an initial consultation, this massage is tailored to you and treats specific acupressure points and meridians. During the meridian massage, gentle pressure is applied to stimulate acupressure points. Following traditional Chinese medicine principles, it is designed to move, balance, unblock and strengthen qi. The perfect massage for acute conditions while generating calmness within the body.


Ear Candling

A treatment which designed to balance, soothe and calm the ear forehead and sinuses. This relaxing thermal auricular therapy can help to relieve physical and emotional discomfort. It is followed by a facial, neck and ear acupressure treatment to further enhance the therapeutic benefits.


Hot Stone Massage

Using the heat from warm natural basalt stones to aid in the relaxation of the muscles to melt away any tension or stiffness. The heat of the stones allows the therapist to work on a gentle deeper level. Stones of varying sizes are uses to gently massage the body and are placed strategically along the body to promote deep relaxation and to achieve maximum restorative benefits.



Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy is one of the most beneficial times for a woman to receive a massage. A truly invaluable massage to help rebalance and relieve tension in the lower back and hips due to your rapidly growing baby. Drain away the excess lymphatic fluid from your legs and ankles while bringing life back into tired legs. Designed specifically to target aches and pains due to your changing body and restore that radiant pregnancy glow.